Interested in learning more about Christian education at St. John Lutheran Early Childhood Center? For more information regarding the handbook, admissions, and registration follow the links below.

  • find my teacher

    Are you looking for your child's teachers information? 

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  • handbook

    The St. John handbook is prepared for each school family to provide you with our policies and procedures. Please take time to read through it as it is updated yearly.

    Click here for the 2021-2022 Parent Handbook / Pandemic Plan

  • Parent Orientation video

  • curriculum

    Our teachers are well prepared to help your child grow and learn. We are dedicated to the Christ-like values our school represents. Our teachers “team-teach” and work together to plan centers and classroom activities.

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  • Our philosophy

    The Early Childhood Center have a belief in the Lutheran church, which is explained in our philosophy. We also explain why we believe the things we do! 

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  • our missions

    St. John Lutheran Church has a mission they strive to live out in their daily lives, we also strive to live out our mission as well! 

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  • Facebook

    Check out our Facebook page for updates and pictures! 

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