Need Meeter Reading Plan

This reading plan Begins on December 27, 2020

You can download a PDF of the plan HERE

Need Meeter, Day 1/21

After seeing the Christ child, Simeon needed nothing else!

Luke 2:25-33

Lord, keep us seeking the Light & to accept NOTHING else! Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 2/21

Herod thinks he’s so clever…

Matthew 2:1-12

Father, help me hear Your directions & not be fooled by the World. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 3/21

Joseph needed & heeded a warning from God’s angel.

Matthew 2:13-14

Lord, I want to listen & act quickly to Your Word! Into your hands I commend myself. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 4/21

Sometimes just enough is all we need.

1 Kings 17:7-15  

Lord, spur me to immediately do what You ask.  Thank you for my “daily bread.” Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 5/21

Rebekah fulfills a need for someone else & ends up fulfilling her place in history!

Genesis 24:10-26

Father, help us to see other’s needs & where you’re already working in our lives. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 6/21

Even in our sin, God cares for us!

Genesis 3:21

Father, the depth of your ministrations to us are astounding! Amen!



Need Meeter, Day 7/21

Relationships with neighbors are a blessing from God.

2 Kings 4:1-7

Father, help us not overlook the provisions You’ve given us. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 8/21

God will climb down into the muck of our sin to cleanse us…

Ezekiel 36:24

Lord, thank you for the renovation of our heart from one of stone to one of flesh! Amen.




Need Meeter, Day 9/21

If surrounded by conspiracy & danger, a pit can be a refuge…

Genesis 37:12-28

Lord, help us to be thankful in all situations & know that You can use all to Your glory. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 10/21

Esther needed concentrated prayer & asked for a fast from the Jews of Susa.

Esther 4:11-17

God, thank you for a body of believers that we can entreat to pray with us. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 11/21

Paul needed blindness to see.

Acts 9:1-18

Father, show me my blind spots so I can see what You would have me do. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 12/21

Think you could build a barge? God gave Noah what he needed to do it!

Genesis 6:13-14

Lord, thank you for the guidance you give us for doing Your will. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 13/21

Rahab needed rescue & salvation & bartered with spies for it.

Joshua 2:1-21

Father, thank you for earthly rescues & eternal salvation! Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 14/21

Esau felt his need for food outweighed his need for his birthright.

Genesis 25:29-34

Lord, help us not to confuse earthly needs for heavenly ones. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 15/21

Joseph needed courage to do the right thing.

Genesis 39:2,6,8,10-11,16,19

Father, free me to rest in You when I do the right thing & evil seems to follow anyway. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 16/21

When trouble comes, God has a plan to save us.

1 Kings 17:1-7

Thank you for the wonderful & surprising ways you tend us daily. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 17/21

Purge, clean, wash, blot, create, renew, restore – sound like a detergent ad?

Psalm 51:7-12

O God, mend & uphold my broken spirit & return to me the joy of Your salvation! Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 18/21

Need some peace?

Philippians 4:4-9

Loving Father, help us to commit our all our cares to You & allow only true & praiseworthy things to influence our thoughts. Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 19/21

Feeling hungry? Empty? Distressed?

Psalm 81:8-10

Lord, you tell us to open our mouth & You will fill it.  Please fill it with trust in You for EVERYTHING! Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 20/21

Need a good workout?

Philippians 2:12-18

Father, help us to grow & develop in the Spirit & to be content, rejoicing! Amen.



Need Meeter, Day 21/21

Nebuchadnezzar needed clarity & a good night’s sleep!

Daniel 2:26-27,29

Lord, help us to have wisdom & tact when dealing with our leaders & to remember that the kingdom of Jesus will stand forever. Amen.