How am I recognizing and seeking God’s Kingdom

(of Grace, of Power, of Glory)?


September 6: Psalm 100:  A prayer of pure joy.

September 7: Deuteronomy 6: Observing God’s Law as an act of faith and love and raising one’s family in His ways.

September 8: John 20:30-31: Ponder on the fact that we only know a sliver of Jesus’ miracles, yet we know enough to believe in Him and thus inherit eternal life.

September 9: Luke 2:21-35: Simeon longed to see God’s glory and rescue for Israel.  Before his death, he holds it in his hands and praises the Lord.

September 10: John 6:1-15, 25-29: Some people seek Jesus for what He can provide in this life.  Jesus, while caring for their human needs, shows there is more to this life than what they imagine. 

September 11: Ruth (yes, the whole book of 4 chapters 😊)  Ruth shows that participation in God’s Kingdom isn’t determined by blood or birth, but through “obedience that comes from faith” (Romans 1:5). 

September 12: Psalm 23: The LORD is the Shepherd who cares for His sheep.

September 13: John 15:1-8: Jesus is the Vine and we are His branches.  His love and grace nourish us to bloom and bear fruit for the kingdom.

September 14: Romans 5:1-5: We can rejoice in our sufferings because we are justified by God’s grace through faith in Jesus.

September 15: Matthew 6:25-34: Seek the kingdom of God first and foremost; no need to be anxious

September 16: Mark 1:35; Luke 5:15-16 Luke 22:39-46; Psalm 119:145-152: Through these Gospel readings see Jesus’ rhythm of prayer and how these Psalm verses reveal the heart and will of our Savior.

September 17: 1 Thessalonians 5:15-24: As we live by the Spirit, doing good to others, God keeps His promises of keeping us blameless via forgiveness while keeping us strong until the day Jesus returns and welcomes us into His everlasting kingdom.

September 18: Exodus 20:8-11: The final day of the week was observed as the Sabbath. It was a time of rest and worship so that God’s people would seek Him, worship Him and be renewed.

September 19: Psalm 103: Praising God for His kingdom of grace and gift of life to all who fear, love and trust in Him.

September 20: Mark 1:1-15: Mark’s gospel begins with Jesus’ baptism and first words of ministry – a call to seek the kingdom of God.  

September 21: 1 Peter 2:1-12: The call to live righteously in response to being saved in Christ Jesus.

September 22: Genesis 39: Joseph’s actions toward Potiphar and his wife shows his desire for God’s kingdom and holiness. Even in persecution, God uses Joseph in powerful ways.

September 23: Romans 12:1-13: Learning God’s Word, listening to the Father, we discern His will through the work of the Holy Spirit. We then, as members of one body, live unto the Lord each day.

September 24: Acts 16:16-34: Persecution and prison was an avenue God used to bring salvation to the prison guard and his family.

September 25: Luke 17:20-37: The focus here is that Kingdom of God is internal and spiritual, within the hearts and minds of God’s people.

September 26: Romans 8:1-17: Each moment of our Christian life is connected to the work of the Holy Spirit, connecting us to the Father, where nothing can ever separate us from His love in Jesus Christ. Leading us, strengthening us, using us as His adopted children in His Kingdom.

A week of the Seven Penitential Psalms  

September 27: Psalm 6: David’s cry for help amidst a failing body.

September 28: Psalm 32: David’s grateful testimony of joy for God’s gift of forgiveness for those who with integrity confess their sins and are receptive to God’s rule in their lives.

September 29: Psalm 38: David’s appeal for relief from illness. God’s rebuke/discipline due to his sin & abandonment from friends and efforts from enemies to tear him down.

September 30: Psalm 51: David’s humble, desperate prayer of confession after committing adultery/murder.

October 1: Psalm 102: A prayer of an afflicted man, pouring out his heart and soul before the Lord.

October 2: Psalm 130: A prayer for mercy from the depths of despair.

October 3: Psalm 143: A prayer for deliverance from enemies and for divine leading