David schultz

pastoral care

After 54 years in ministry, I still consider it fun. More fun in retirement, because I can walk away from it when the responsibilities become heavy. I was told there are two ways to exit from ministry, 1) burn out or 2) rust out. I shall burn out. Of my responsibilities as lead of both Stephen Ministry and Prayer ministry, I still teach weekly and provide a “back” for the pastors. My insights into ministry are many, but my operation guide is the words of John is singular, "He must increase; I must decrease." 

My hobbies were many, but now relate to gardening and keeping the house orderly till the maid comes.  I like History, so I like St. John. It has more than 160 years of history, with present families whose relatives who go back in history to the very beginning. My favorite thoughts about St. John center around the “seniors” with whom I spend the major part of my time. ” My free time is sparse, but  the joy of it is spent with family.

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